Policy and Planning Division

Policy and Planning Division

The Policy and Planning Division is to provide technical, operational and administrative leadership in Policy and Planning for the achievement of the mandate of the Commission

Responsibilities of the Policy and Planning Division

1. Provide inputs for the formulation of policies of the Commission.
2. Coordinate the development of strategic, medium term, annual and other plans of the Commission.
3. Coordinate the development of the HIV workplace policies in Ministries, Department and Agencies
4. Collaborate with relevant stakeholders in the integration of HIV and AIDS issues into the national
    development agenda.
5. Coordinate the development, review and dissemination of policies on HIV and AIDS.
6. Provide technical support in the planning, design and implementation of the projects of
    the Commission.
7. Coordinate advocacy and capacity building of stakeholders in HIV and related issues.
8. Collaborate with key local and international partners to ensure harmonization
    and alignment for an efficient and sustainable national response
9. Ensure the efficient and effective management of the human, material and financial resources
    of the Division.
10.Ensure the preparation of the budget of the Division
11.Ensure the preparation of the annual and other periodic reports
12.Ensure the implementation of performance management policy in the Division.

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The Ghana AIDS Commission is a supra-ministerial and multi-sectoral body established under the Chairmanship of H. E. the President of the Republic of Ghana by Act 2016, Act 938 of Parliament. The objective of the Commission is to formulate policy on the HIV and AIDS epidemic and...

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